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The YOM Lifestyle & Fitness Application is the world’s first real-time heart rate music system for any lifestyle.

YOM uses our MusicMatch technology to deliver a dynamically personalized lifestyle and fitness experience.

Our Team

Jonty Wilkins Bsc - CCO - Founder

Chief Creative Officer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Technology Visionary. Specializes in creating new technological ideas in the Health and Sports sector. Founder of the first “kiss a Gram” services in the United Kingdom. “From a thought to paper to conception” – a team player.


Eric J. Trujillo - CTO - CMO - Co-Founder

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer who leverages target-market research and human insights to understand both current and emerging social, visual, and digital design trends. Creates relevance for audiences using design as an instrument that gives brands an authentic voice and personality. Specializes in consumer activation, brand vision, and strategy in the retail, consumer lifestyle, telecommunication, and healthcare industries.


Hazel Woods - COO

Senior officer in the public sector with responsibility for delivering on a range of strategies which include health and well-being. Extensive experience in the field of finance, fundraising, monitoring expenditure and linking all aspects of financial spend to the impact of projects and strategies. A wealth of experience in building strong relationships with partners to support the co-production and delivery of successful projects.


Amalia Maloney Del Riego - Communications Specialist - Co-Founder

Specialist in marketing and communications, developing and improving brand messaging, utilizing latest trends and target-market research, and strategy in international, global business and start-up ventures.

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